Community Mobilization Awareness & Media Activities

In order to create awareness on Child’s Entitlements, Community Participation, Right to Education, 100 % enrollment, Quality Primary Education, Girls Education, Inclusive Education, English Learning, Sanitation and Personal Hygiene among children, parents, teachers, public and all stakeholders throughout Tamil Nadu, From 2001-02, SSA is being endeavored to strive for conducting various awareness programmes like Kalajathas (Street places in pubic areas), Competitions for school children, Annual day, all special days celebration in schools, Village Education Festival Celebrations, Exhibitions, Wall Painting in schools, Awareness Rallies, Distribution of pamphlets, Advertisements through theatres, local Channels and public medias etc.,


  1. 1.Enrollment Drive 

To increase the enrollment in Government Schools, different enrollment campaign like Rally, Awareness through Auto-rickshaws, Kalvi Seer, Distribution of pamphlets, Door to Door survey,   etc., are conducted in coordination with the Directorates of School Education  and Elementary Education.

  1. 2.Competitions  for School Children 

To make the children to realize the real essence of RTE, to generate awareness on Girls Education, to empower women, to bring out the inner abilities, potential, hidden skills of children and to develop their interpersonal skills, different competitions are  conducted.

  1. 3. Annual Day Celebration in School  

Annual day celebrations are conducted in Government Schools to create awareness on RTE among the children and community and to exhibit children’s talents to the community to enhance the participation of the community.

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