Transport and Escort facilities

  1. 1.About the component:- 

Transport and escort is one of the intervention provided to children in remote habitation with sparse population or in urban areas where availability of land is a problem and so opening of new school is not viable. Provision of transport and escort facilities helps the children of the school less habitation to access neighborhood school. Transport and escort facility is adapted to facilitate schooling access for children in the context of RTE Act 2009. This ensures that all children are in school even in remote, difficult hilly terrains, dangerous forest areas lacking  motorable roads and public transport facilities.

Reason for Provision of Transport / Escort facility

          As per the Rule 4 of the Tamilnadu Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Rules 2011, the area or limits of the neighbourhood within which a school shall be established by the State Government is

 (a) a distance of one kilometre in respect of children in classes I to V;

 (b) a distance of three kilometres in respect of children in classes VI to VIII :

Provided that where it is not possible to establish a school within such area or limits, the State Government or the local authority shall make adequate arrangements, such as free transportation and residential facilities, for providing elementary education to the children in that area.

In Rule 4 (4), for children from small hamlets, as identified by the State Government or the local authority, where no school exists within the area or limits of neighbourhood specified under sub-rule (1), the State Government or the local authority shall make adequate arrangement such as free transportation and residential facilities for providing elementary education in a school, in relaxation of the area or limits.

In Rule 4(6) in respect of children with disability, which prevents them from accessing the school, the State Government or the local authority shall make appropriate and safe transportation arrangements to enable them to attend school and complete elementary education.

Samagra Shiksha  Framework:

         As per the Programme Norms stated in the framework for implementation of Samagra Shiksha provided by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, the children eligible for provision of Transport/Escort facility are as follows:

  • .Children in remote habitations with sparse population where opening of a school is unviable 

  • .children in urban areas where availability of land is a problem 

  • .Children belonging to extremely deprived groups 

  • .Children with special needs who may not find access to schools. 

  1. 2.Need for the rise of the component in the State:- 

School Mapping Exercise

            In order to identify the access needs, School and Social mapping Exercise is being undertaken from 2012-13 in the State. This exercise helped to get the clear picture of availability of schools within defined limits of neighbourhood and also to ascertain the areas where new schools need to be opened as well as the habitations where transport/escort facilities are needed to ensure cent percent access to schools. Besides this Tamil Nadu Government has taken special efforts through notifications of these habitations.The following Government orders were issued so far.

  1. 1.G.O. MS. No. 172, School Education(C2) department, dated. 04.06.2012 

  2. 2.G.O. MS .No. 230, School Education(SSA) department, dated.19.11.2013 

  3. 3.G.O. MS .No. 256, School Education(SSA) department, dated.16.12.2013 

  4. 4.G.O. MS .No. 116, School Education(SSA) department, dated.22.08.2014 

  5. 5.G.O. MS .No. 214, School Education(SSA) department, dated.24.12.2014 

  6. 6.G.O. MS .No. 215, School Education(SSA) department, dated.30.12.2014 

  7. 7.G.O. MS .No. 20, School Education(TRB) department, dated.23.1.2015 

  8. 8.G.O. MS .No. 28, School Education(TRB) department, dated.10.02.2016 

  9. 9.G.O. MS .No. 53, School Education(TRB) department, dated.29.02.2016 

  10. 10.G.O. MS .No. 29, School Education(TRB) department, dated.07.02.2017 

  11. 11.G.O. MS .No. 265, School Education(TRB) department, dated.26.12.2017 

  12. 12.G.O. MS .No. 95, School Education(MS) department, dated.10.05.2018         

            The provision of Transport/Escort facility has helped many children to continue and complete their elementary education.

  1. 3. Responsible Head :-

The provision of Transport and Escort facility is being reviewed periodically at the district level by the district collector and state level officials.  As this provision of transport and escort facility has proved to be very important in each district, the district level educational officials and block level educational officials monitor these facilities in the habitations benefitted. The required records and registers are maintained in the schools for  regular inspection by the SSA officials.  Parents feedback are discussed in the School Management Committee meeting conducted every month.

  1. 4. Duties and Responsibilities of the Component:-

Responsibilities of parents and SMC for Transport facility


  • .Parents select the vehicle they want to send the children to school 

  • .Sending children regularly to school without dropping out. 


         SMC in every school should ensure the following before providing transport facility:

  • .Particulars about the vehicle are discussed in SMC meeting and the resolution is passed in this regard. 

  • .Vehicles registered in Regional Transport Office should alone be utilized. 

  • .Vehicles should have recently obtained fitness certificates. 

  • .Based on the parents report, the HM recommends SMC for the release of fund to the vehicle driver/owner. 

  • .The vehicle should have license. 

  • .The quality of the vehicle should be ensured.  It should not have any repair. 

  • .The number of students in that vehicle should not exceed the maximum limit of that vehicle. 

  • .A jeep can be used in the hill areas for the transport facilities.  In that case, with the help of forest department, a licensed jeep and a well trained driver to drive in the hill area should be selected. 

  • .The vehicle should have a spare tyre. 

  • .Every month 75% attendance of the children who got the transport facility and the attendance of the owner of the vehicle should be ensured. 

  • .If it is ensured then the  cheque / ECS can be passed to the vehicle owner through SMC and it should be informed in the SMC meeting every month. 

Responsibilities SMC and Escort


     SMC in every school should ensure the following before providing Escort facility:

  1. 1.Escort appointment is through School Management Committee. 

  2. 2.An escort shall assist maximum of 5 students. 

  3. 3.Maximum age limit for an escort is 45 years and he/she should not be a criminal. 

  4. 4.Female escorts can be appointed for assisting the  female children. 

  5. 5.The escort should not be a Drunkard/Smoker/unhealthy and ill/Handicapped. 

  6. 6.Head Master maintains the attendance register for appointed escorts in the schools. Head master monitors their attendance and it is important that escorts  sign in morning  and evening. 

  7. 7.The attendance of the escort in the given form will be given to SMC through the Head Master of the school and a Cheque/ECS will be given to the escorts. 

  8. 8.For a group of students a parent of one student may be the escort for the entire group. 


  1. 1.The qualities expected of an escort are 

  1. (i)good behavior. 

  2. (ii)Should not be a criminal. 

  3. (iii)Ability to Create a mutual understanding of children and parents. 

  4. (iv)the children ensuring safety and secured while coming to school. 

  5. (v)Punctuality and regularity presence to school. 

  6. (vi)Punctuality and regularity in returns to the home and hand over the children to the parents. 

  1. 2.No alternate parents should be submitted for the escorts. 

  2. 3.The Escort 

  1. (i)Should not give any snacks to the students. 

  2. (ii)Should not give any punishment to the students. 

  3. (iii)Should know the ailments of the students and the medication if any to give and inform the teacher. He should not administer any medicines. 

Responsibility of BRTES

  • .Regular inspection to schools and habitations by following vehicles/escorts from habitation to school and vice-versa. 

  • .Monitoring drivers and escorts and instructing them in a proper manner in implementing this facility. 

  • .Taking part in regular SMC meetings. 

  • .Monitoring the registers (Pass book,Cash book, Attendance, cheque issue etc,.) in the schools relating to this facility. 

  • .Meeting parents and making awareness of this facility among them. 

  • .Collecting photos, success stories, testimonials of this facility and documenting all these at Block level.  

Responsibility of HMs

HMs maintains RTO certificate, Driver license copy and the Auto/van/car’s   document copy in a school as records. A willingness certificate is obtained from all parents of the children receiving the transport/Escort benefits. The certificate states that the parent is willing to send the children through the auto/van/car/Escort.  An attendance register is maintained for the drivers in these schools to maintain regularity and payment account.

The HMs maintains a cash book and a passbook for the Transport amount sent to them every month. These books are regularly checked for updation by the BRTEs visiting the school.

           Every month the auto drivers are issued cheques/ECS for their salary. The cheque issue details are maintained by the HMs.

Responsibility of accountants

        District AAM , the block VEC accountants monitor the account regularly. The cash book and the pass book are checked for updation  for transport/escort facility also.

  1. 5.Achievements / Milestones for the Component:- 


       73,598 children have been benefitted between 2012-2018 at the cost of 22.13 crores.


While appointing an escort to the students by the Village Education Committee/ School Education Committee, the relationship between the parents as well as the teacher is developed.

They knew their responsibilities for the security of the students and when they knew about the children, they are able to help them on the way to the school. So, by giving the Escort/Transport facility the relationship among students, parents, teachers is improved.


In hill and forest areas, most of the students fail to come to school and maintain regular poor attendance in schools, for they are scared to come to school, since they have to tread their way through forest routes and hilly terrains and at times are threatened by wild animals on their way to school. When accompanied by an Escort, they shed their fear posed by animals and feel happy and secured. A psychological and moral support is ensured by an Escort. Hence there is a reduction in drop rate and an increase in enrolment rate. Regular attendance by the students is ensured by the provision of Escort facility.


        In the year 2018-19, 17243 children are being benefitted at the cost of 9.33 crores.

  • .Children regularly go to school without becoming dropout and there has been decline in frequent absenteeism. 

  • .Learning achievement of children has increased. 

  • .The children attend schools regularly even in very cold and rainy weather condition especially in hilly areas. 

  • .For children living in dense forest areas with wild animals, protection is now ensured from wild animals by way of Transport/Escort facilities. 

  • .On the whole the parents , teachers, village Education committee and School Education Committee members request the Samagra Shiksha to continue the provision of transport/Escort  facility in the future years also. 

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